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ABSTRACT SUMMARY In this observational case-controlled study, investigators used OCT angiography to evaluate microvascular perfusion in the optic nerve head region of glaucomatous eyes with or without disc hemorrhage (DH). The researchers also studied the relationship between parapapillary choroidal microvascular dropout (MVD) and retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL) thickness. The study included 82 eyes with open-angle glaucoma (OAG) and DH and 68 OAG eyes without DH, all of which had at least four serial OCT angiography examinations. Outcome measures included MVD detection rate, extent of MVD, and RNFL thinning rate. MVD was defined as complete loss of microvasculature within the choroidal layer of the parapapillary region.
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A federal jury has ordered Imprimis Pharmaceuticals to pay $48,500 in damages to Allergan, far less than Allergan was seeking, for lost business due to false advertising by the compounding company. In the lawsuit against Harrow Health Inc., formerly known as Imprimis Pharmaceuticals, Allergan requested damages of more than $7.2 million in lost profits and as much as $54 million in profit disgorgement, according to a Form 8-K filing to the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission by Harrow Health.
Ocular surface disease (OSD) is a group of disorders commonly seen in ophthalmic practice, but it is challenging to differentially diagnose and is frequently undertreated. The consequences of undiagnosed and/or undertreated OSD can impact patient quality of life and severely affect visual acuity, especially in those undergoing cataract and/or refractive surgery. Effective diagnostics and therapeutics have been limited, but recent approvals by the US Food and Drug Administration as well as continued evaluation of new therapy modalities have the potential to enhance outcomes in patients with OSD. In this publication series, Ocular Surface Diseases, Disorders, & Dysfunctions® Volume 4, expert clinicians will review and evaluate pertinent advances in the diagnosis, management, and treatment of OSD, as well as offer clinical expertise for the management of challenging case presentations.
OCT Angiography imaging is a relatively new technology that generates large amounts of clinical information. It is therefore important to define a consistent method of assessing OCT Angiography images to streamline the interpretation and take full advantage of the data generated. This is a short instructional video which teaches a systematic approach to evaluating OCT Angiography images in 8 steps. The video features Christopher Mody, Director of Clinical Affairs, Heidelberg Engineering Limited and Dr. Richard Gale, Consultant Medical Ophthalmologist, York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Purpose: To study self-reported patient satisfaction and dry eye symptoms in hyperopic correction with femtosecond laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (FS-LASIK).
Purpose: The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of four different types of speculums on aberrometry reading (OPD SCAN III [OPD]) and on intraoperative aberrometry reading (optiwave response analyzer, ORA).
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Dr Kenneth Fong (Sunway Medical Center – Malaysia) explains the interest of 577nm SubLiminal laser in the treatment of DME (видео)
Приказ Министерства здравоохранения РФ от 28 февраля 2019 г. № 103н "Об утверждении порядка и сроков разработки клинических рекомендаций, их пересмотра, типовой формы клинических рекомендаций и требований к их структуре, составу и научной обоснованности включаемой в клинические рекомендации информации”.
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Can GATT be an Effective Surgical Option for POAG in Developing Countries?
People with good vision despite having centre-involved diabetic macular oedema can safely forego immediate treatment of their eye condition as long as they are closely monitored, and treatment begins promptly if vision worsens, according to a study published in JAMA.
The SPECTRALIS® High Magnification Module consists of a highly innovative magnifying lens and software. It elegantly demonstrates the capability of confocal scanning laser ophthalmoscopy (cSLO) to resolve ocular microstructures by reducing intraocular light scattering. These ocular microstructures can even be visualized in eyes with cataracts. The image contrast and clarity obtained by combining laser light selectivity with confocal scanning are often not available from fundus photography, highlighting critical diagnostic details not visible on ophthalmoscopy. After a region of interest has been identified using a larger field of view, the user can acquire ~8° magnified images at an enhanced resolution to investigate the area at an even higher level of detail. This possibility may provide unique insight into the progression of certain retinal diseases.
“We at Heidelberg are particularly proud of the collaboration with NASA to have our imaging technology be a part of this mission,” said Arianna Schoess Vargas, CEO. “With this advanced OCT technology, it is easier for the astronauts to capture high-quality images in even less time. Working in such an environment, there is significant value placed on efficiency that doesn’t compromise quality.”
Immunocore Limited yesterday presented new biomarker research data for effects of Tebentafusp (IMCgp100) on patients with advanced uveal and cutaneous melanoma. Monotherapy treatment with the first-in-class ImmTAC® molecule tebentafusp was found to induce an immunologically potent response in patients. These findings, presented at the 2019 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting, provide additional insight into the mechanism of action of tebentafusp in patients with advanced melanoma and demonstrates the potential association with clinical outcomes.
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